Making your Facebook feed a ‘Happy Place’


We’ve all been there, scrolling through Facebook and getting more pissed off by the minute. With all of the terrible grammar in peoples statuses, the ignorant ‘political’ posts, the terribly sexist comics you decide to just give up entirely and delete it.


Well that works for a few days or weeks (depending on how stubborn and strong willed you are) but finally you give up and sign in. And maybe this time you are able to just shake your head and laugh at the … ahem… “uniqueness” of your friends and acquaintances but more than likely that wonderful sense of humor only lasts for a few minutes before you feel the rage and exasperation creeping up inside of you. I dont know about you but when I get that feeling I manage to convince myself that pizza is the only way to fix the rage.

Finally after I ripped the arse out of a few pairs of pants I decided to fix my view of what is really a fantastic media tool, if used correctly. So here are the steps I took to clean up and purge which has left me with an interesting, fun and thought provoking news feed.



Fellow Canadians I know this word is harsh and your poutine loving brain may explode at the thought of being mean to someone. But this is not about them, it’s about YOU. They had their chance to be a positive interesting addition to your newsfeed and they screwed it up. Delete that weirdo from highschool who has an usettling obsession with guns and unicorns. Unfriend your best friend’s roommate’s ex boyfriend’s acquaintance who still doesn’t know the difference between their, there, they’re and them boizzzz. Trust me, they wont notice and you’ll start feeling much better


  1. HIDE

Now I know you can’t delete everyone, which is why the “Hide from my feed” option comes in handy. You can keep them in your list but their annoying attention seeking status updates wont show up anymore. Another frustration, GONE. See how easy this has been?



You can’t always rely on your friends and relatives to provide you relevant and exciting reading materials on a regular basis. So, find it yourself! Most blogs, companies, and other media sources post on Facebook multiple times a day, including sharing other articles and videos. Choose what interests you. If you like animals, maybe follow the local zoo or WWF. If you like Art, follow local and international galleries. This way when you finally decide to open your feed you will see a whole list of things that you’re attracted to and that make you happy.


  1. LIMIT

Seriously. There is no need to check your news feed that many times a day. Yes you, I know its a fun toilet time activity, but thats creepy. And slightly gross. Go wash your phone.

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