10 Minute Clean



I know, as we’ve discussed adulting is hard, you have more chores than you thought ever possible (like regularly cleaning your bathroom fan, who knew that was even a thing?) and it seems like less and less time to do it in. Some of us have teeny tiny apartments so things like vacuuming, properly and including baseboards, actually takes under 7 minutes; but then organizing small spaces can be a royal pain in your glorious backside. So after trying out lists, apps, schedules and routines I finally found something that works…

The 10 minute clean.. yes 10 minutes. And yes things will be cleaner, and even more organized

Heres how it works, in the morning, set the timer on your phone (or if you’re old school do that oven timer thing) for 5 minutes. Then go. Unload the dishwasher,  fold the laundry or dust the bookcase. Keep going until the timer goes off. Then comes Part 2. Repeat in the afternoon.   Its amazing how much you can get done in that teeny tiny amount of time.

The key here is 10, if mornings aren’t your thing then aim for 10 minutes total at night. Or if you’re one of those weird over-achiever types who has to do everything better than everyone then do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night.

So at the end of the week you will have spent 70 minutes cleaning and tidying. SEVENTY!!! Thats longer than an episode of Criminal MInds! Maybe with the extra time you can figure out how to clean your oven… Oh wait thats on my to do list this weekend

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  • Mary Louise Learn
    September 13, 2015

    10 min, doesn’t work for me. I start something, see something else I should have done yesterday, Then, there something else that had to be put away, and then I forgot what I started to do. “Sometimers” comes in there somewhere. M.L.

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