My Trick for Remembering Peoples Names


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Remembering people’s names never seemed to be a problem until my first week teaching swimming lessons. After 1 week approximately 20 classes and about 100 students later you realize you have to come up with some sort of game plan. It took a while but I realized the answer was in 2 parts. So here is how I managed to remember most kid’s names (even some parents!) with minimal embarrassment and effort

  1. The first time you meet the person picture their name written on their forehead. I found it literally helps put the “face to the name”
  2. Use their name as often as possible in your first interaction. Not only will it help the name stick, but also people love hearing their own name, so they will think you’re just wonderful after your first interaction. The only thing you want to be careful of is not sounding like a creeper, keep it casual and slip the name in appropriate places. Repeat their name before you introduce yourself, when you ask them a question about themselves personalize it with their name, introduce them to a third person and absolutely repeat it as you say your goodbyes.



Well there you have it. My lazy person trick to help get you through your next course or networking event. Good Luck!


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  • Mary Louise Learn
    September 13, 2015

    Nothing will help me, I remember faces but not names. I will try what you said, but I don’t know. M.L.

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