Surviving Your First Time Getting Sick Solo


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Your first time living alone will bring lots of surprises. Things you never even thought to be prepared for, will suddenly come up and leave you feeling lost, and quite frankly like a teeny tiny child who is missing cuddly BooBoo the Teddy Bear.

No one plans to get sick, but being prepared with some of the essentials can make it go from “oh man life is the worst” to just plain “ugh”. Even if you don’t live alone there’s a good chance you’ll get sick while your partner or roommate is out of town and you’re left to fend for your own snotty sneezy whiny butt.

This isn’t something crazy difficult to do. Think about the last time you were sick and the fact that you didn’t want to do ANYTHING especially head to the store and make decisions. So heres my list of things I always have on hand just in case my immune system gives up on me

  1. SOUP – Sounds like a given but if you don’t remember to pick up a couple cans of soup after your last Nose blowing and netflix marathon you may be stuck in a very uncomfortable situation down the road. check your cabinets. Go. Right now. I’ll wait. I always have Chicken Noodle and Tomato stocked up (bonus points if you have Mom’s super awesome French Canadian Pea soup in the freezer)
  2. CRACKERS – You just read about soup… do I really need to explain?
  3. TEA – Keep something soothing like peppermint or chamomile
  4. GINGER ALE – Because its magical and makes you feel better.. Duh
  5. TISSUE – I will never understand the people who only buy one box of tissue at a time (you can do it apparently… who knew) Or the people who use toilet paper to blow their noses. I won’t even go into detail why I find it so nasty wiping your face with something that sits that close to your toilet … So basically just saying having back up tissue boxes is necessary.
  6. DRUGS – Calm yourself. Ibuprofen, anti nauseant and some form of cough syrup should be in your cabinet. Just make sure you’re checking the expiry dates regularly.

Now. Second step is actually surviving and figuring out how to take care of yourself when there’s no one to hear you whine “I want teeaaa” “I want back rubsss” “FIX MEEE” . Now is the time to remember all that stuff your mother told you.

  1. Drink lots of fluids. All that tea and ginger ale you stocked up on? yeah go for it, and dont forget water
  2. Dont push yourself. You don’t have anyone telling you to nap or relax, you have to remind yourself that just because you’re home from work doesn’t mean you should try to do laundry and clean the bathroom.
  3. Go See your doctor. Know yourself. If it’s not going away or you’re way sicker than usual then maybe go seek professional help.
  4. WASH YOUR HANDS. I shouldn’t have to remind you. You’re a grown up now remember?

It won’t be that bad and you will get through it. Now get shopping and get ready, fall is coming up and the germs will follow!!

*Note I am absolutely no medical professional. these are just my tips for cold and flus.

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  • Mary Louise Learn
    September 13, 2015

    Good for you, you remembered all the stuff your mother taught you. M.L.