Friday Fun-Day


World map

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The other evening while watching a football game (ok I wasnt watching I was barely even listening) but in between chapters I overheard one of the  announcers say something along the lines of “where is Estonia anyway?”.

Now I dont expect everyone to be Geograpy Guru George but come on buddy, you should have a vauge idea… But, we have to remember to play nice and it also reminded me of a fun website I came accross while procrastinating one day, ok fine one day that turned into 2 weeks. Check it out here, See how many countries you can name in 12 minutes. First time around I did NOT do very well.

So after you embarass yourself with that game here‘s another website to check out. My attempt at Asia took 140 attempts to get all 148…

Hopefully I have you all successfully occupied for a bit today, and you’ll even learn something I swear!

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