Towel Trick


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I absolutely love when you show up to a nice hotel and they have those huge beautiful white fluffy towels. Then at the end of a long day of activities you get to wrap yourself up in 2 or 3 of them and drink wine out of the little water cups.

I always wanted to recreate the same experience at home but not only would it be wildly expensive it also never seemed practical. Between mascara, makeup, guests using my body  towel to dry their hands (yuckkk) and my terrible leg shaving techniques expensive white towels are just not practical.

Thats when my giant fantastic brain came up with a brilliant idea: BLACK TOWELS. You can get them just as big and just as fluffy as the nice white ones but this way you don’t run the risk of staining them with mascara, foundation or bloody leg stains.

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I’m sure any other dark color that matches your bathroom will do, but so far my black ones have worked out very well in 3 different apartments and from now on I will most likely be adjusting all bathroom decor to make sure I can keep black towels around

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