Last Minute Guest Clean


I love hosting. Dinners, girls nights, tea time, you name it I love having people over and spending time together.


Every once in awhile for whatever reason you may end up running behind. You know the situation. You have company coming at 7 but you got stuck at work and didn’t get home until 6:40 and your place isn’t super clean because let’s face it you put that off since you thought you could leave work early. But then that ding-bat in Client Services broke something and you had to fix it or else (as she tells it) “the world will like literally end”

So here’s how to trick your guests into thinking you planned far enough ahead to clean for them or to trick them into thinking your place is ALWAYS clean


Your guests will probably only be in 1-2 rooms, maybe 3 if you’re hosting a dinner. So this means you only have 2-3 rooms to think about.


Grab some multi purpose spray cleaner, a cloth a plastic bag and let’s take a mosey to your bathroom.


  1. Sit on the toilet. I’m serious just do it. Now do a quick scan, look for dust, water marks or anything else you can see from that seat and wipe it down. Now if you have male guests, stand up and do the same thing facing the toilet. Also make sure there is extra TP close at hand
  2. Walk to the sink make sure there’s no soap stains or toothpaste marks. Give the counter a quick wipe.
  3. If you have a piles of unsightly goodies throw them all into your plastic bag and shove it in a cupboard or closet to be dealt with another day.
  4. Hang your towels nicely. If they don’t all hang nicely throw one into the tub and shut the curtains
  5. Light a candle on the counter. It’ll  make your bathroom smell nice and look like you’re all adulty with your shit together.


That should take you less than 5 minutes


Now keep your cloth and spray and move to the living room.


  1. Sit where your guests will sit. Do a scan to make sure you can’t see any dust or food crumbs from there
  2. Fluff your pillows and re-fold your throw blanket
  3. Wipe down your coffee tables and end tables
  4. Put remotes on a shelf or line them up nicely on an end table (I have a basket under the coffee table for items and occasions such as these)


If you have time run your vacuum quickly through the living room.


That’s it. You’re done. Now go have a glass of wine and prep your snacks for your lovely guests


Remember that your guests are there for YOU. Not for a spotless Martha Stewart home. By just cleaning things at eye level it will make your entire home seem cleaner and more presentable.


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