Snacks On A Plane


Get it, “Snacks” instead of “snakes”?! I know I am so very witty

snacks on a plane

I eat a lot. And often. I also get super anxious at the thought of running out of food or having to be hungry for even the smallest amount of time. So you can imagine my thoughts on travelling unprepared in the snack department. Just the thought of being stuck on a runway with nothing but a granola bar makes me twitch uncontrollably.

Over the years I have tried to come up with the best options that are filling and dont take up too much space. Many of these have been trial and error and there have been many times I am either stuck with too much food or ended up hungry and cranky and covered in a crumbly or sticky snacky mess.


First, always account for delays. You dont want to be stuck on the runway for 4 hours with only half a ziploc bag of swedish fish. You should have one snack per person for every 2-3 hours. This may also mean you have to account for your travel partners and remind them to bring their own damn snacks or you can be a super awesome human and pack some extras (if you have the muscle power and space in your carry on)


Second, you cannot always rely on airport food. Yes it can be overpriced, but when you need it most, I guarantee all you’ll be able to find is a teeny kiosk with sandwiches that were made 6 months ago.


Third, flights are not the best time to start your diet, or suddenly decide to be super healthy, or super unhealthy. Keep to your regular lifestyle choices. You’re going to be uncomfortable enough being cramped in a pressurized tube with sneezy coughy strangers.


Fourth, beware of other passengers’ allergies. One flight all I brought were cashews and walnuts and there was a severe nut allergy on board so they had to stay in my bag. That’s not to say never bring nuts but bring a back-up just in case


I like to have a variety of flavors in small quantities to satisfy any craving that pops up. I grab about half a cup each and put them into small resealable baggies


Here are some examples from my last few trips


Trip 1

Gummy Worms




Dried Apples

Trip 2

Granola Bar

Trail Mix


Pumpkin Seeds


Mini Eggs

Dried Apricots



Try to bring things that aren’t sticky and that are filling, which is why I love bringing nuts and seeds. Also you don’t want to bring things that will be squished easily like muffins (ugh so crumbly) or Bananas.
Now put your tray table down, pretend you’re able to actually stretch out your legs and enjoy your flight!

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