• Returning Lessons


    And I’m Back!

    It has been a hot minute… ok 3 years. But I have missed writing so much!

    In the spirit of ‘Lessons and Digressions’ I thought I would take a few minutes to walk through some of the major lessons I have learned over the past few years. 

    1. Goal setting is important and takes time to get it right

    The idea of goal setting seems so simple, but actually creating achievable goals and creating a plan to meet them takes time and practice. 

    1. Self Love is at the centre of Self Care

    Doing things for the sake of ‘self care’ is good, but taking care of yourself because you truly love yourself is incredible

    1. Properly washing your face is the same as properly washing your hands

    I recently learned that when washing your face you should do so for 30-45 seconds. So sing your hand washing song twice (in your head of course unless you want bubbles in your mouth). I had always been doing it for 10-15 seconds maximum … oops!

    1. Regularly check in with yourself

    I’ve spoken about journaling in the past and it is such an important tool. Its also important to stop every once in a while and ask yourself “what makes me truly happy? What activities do i enjoy?” then “am i doing these things regularly?” 

    1. Oysters are delicious!

    I finally had my first oyster and I am hooked. I also learned that technically oysters are vegan as oysters do not have a brain or a central nervous system!

    1. You cannot always give 100%

    If you try to give 100% all of the time you will be exhausted and burnt out. Rest and relaxation are so important and if you are giving 100% to your regular job, your side hustle and your friends and family how is there any time left for

    1. You don’t have to follow advice just because someone gives it to you

    You know yourself best and just because someone has told you what you should do (whether or not you asked them) doesn’t mean you have to follow it. Even if what they said is rational and makes sense maybe it just goes against your gut and that’s ok! You do you!

    I hope to write more about each of these in more detail soon! 

    The past 3 years have been interesting to say the least. Full of adventures, and many many lessons and digressions.

    This blog has always been on my mind and I can’t wait to get back to writing and posting regularly. 

  • Last Minute Guest Clean


    I love hosting. Dinners, girls nights, tea time, you name it I love having people over and spending time together.


    Every once in awhile for whatever reason you may end up running behind. You know the situation. You have company coming at 7 but you got stuck at work and didn’t get home until 6:40 and your place isn’t super clean because let’s face it you put that off since you thought you could leave work early. But then that ding-bat in Client Services broke something and you had to fix it or else (as she tells it) “the world will like literally end”

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  • Towel Trick


    (image via)

    I absolutely love when you show up to a nice hotel and they have those huge beautiful white fluffy towels. Then at the end of a long day of activities you get to wrap yourself up in 2 or 3 of them and drink wine out of the little water cups.

    I always wanted to recreate the same experience at home but not only would it be wildly expensive it also never seemed practical. Between mascara, makeup, guests using my body  towel to dry their hands (yuckkk) and my terrible leg shaving techniques expensive white towels are just not practical.

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  • My Trick for Remembering Peoples Names


    (image via)

    Remembering people’s names never seemed to be a problem until my first week teaching swimming lessons. After 1 week approximately 20 classes and about 100 students later you realize you have to come up with some sort of game plan. It took a while but I realized the answer was in 2 parts. So here is how I managed to remember most kid’s names (even some parents!) with minimal embarrassment and effort

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