Introducing: What You Dont Know



One of the inspirations I had for writing this blog was those awkward moments in conversation with people who seem to know EVERYTHING and you start getting lost, to the point where they drop references or make jokes about concepts you’ve never even heard of. Like “oh it was like the time Sir Jiminey el Cricketo bungled the major battle of 1774 and lost the Whositwhatsit! HAHA!”.

In my opinion, one of the worst feelings is feeling stupid or inferior to someone. I’ve gotten better on calling people out and just saying “I have no idea what you’re talking about” but sometimes people don’t even give you a chance, or it’s someone like your boss’s partner and you want to pretend you’re the knower of all things and make a good impression. Then it’s left up to your trusty memory to go home and google that thing. Chances are you either forget or are just too lazy (ahem…definitely not me…)

So to help combat the frequency of these situations in the future this series will cover some of these sometimes complicated and obscure topics that you don’t usually come across in your daily life. Between my love for research and your questions, hopefully the world will start to make a little more sense.


Stay tuned for some posts on:

  • How Foreign Exchange works
  • Intro to Pop Culture References
  • Major historical event summaries
  • and whatever else has left me like a deer in headlights that month

Send in your requests via the comments section below

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  • Alora
    August 19, 2015

    Key moments/episodes from tv shows that everyone (other than me has watched). Soup Nazi? Smelly Cat? Olive theory? Soft Kitty?

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